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  • Varo was developed for researchers using philanthropic funds. The purpose of the project is to expand local ownership of cold chain data tools. Varo is part of an effort to provide national EPI programs and other cold chain operators robust methods for using their own data systems to create better healthcare outcomes. The data collected using Varo is transmitted solely to those who own it - the makers of Varo have no way to see the information sent with the app.

  • Yes, Varo reports can be generated with no network connection. The full reports are handed off to your email outbox until your device regains network connectivity. Reports can then be sent.

  • OTG stands for On-The-Go. It's simply a USB protocol that allows some Android devices to connect with other devices through the USB port.

  • Varo can download data from all common 30DTR loggers that enable direct USB data download: Fridge Tag 2, Haier HETL-01, and Aucma CFD-50

  • No, Apple iOS devices do not currently support USB data download in the same way that Android devices do. A version of Varo that supports only manual reports may be offered for iOS in the future.

Varo Downloads

Check here for more resources including the Varo User Manual and other implementation documents.

Varo User Manual
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